The Brand "You"

When your child first begins puberty, you may notice changes in them. The physical changes are simple to spot: stubble on a newly pimply chin for some boys, a softening of your little girl’s previously gangly figure, and, of course, they shoot straight up like sprouts.

There are also emotional changes to puberty, though, and not all of them are always so easily noticed. When the hormones take over the helm for a while, you may feel as though your child is a brand new person – which he or she is!

This is the stage that marks the start of a lifelong journey of growth, celebration of adulthood, and the birth of who they really are. And it is at this stage that the concept of personal branding can be introduced into their young lives. It is at this stage that they are mature enough to understand the importance of branding, yet young enough to be molded in the correct direction willingly, by their loving parents.

What is personal branding? According to Ms Diana Chandra from EMCC (Eagles Mediation and Counselling Centre), at the heart of personal branding really is “a message a person conveys to others about themselves”.

She goes on to explain that the effect of personal branding carries far beyond the words your child speaks. It is the actions that people remember, and the greatest impact your child can have on the lives around him or her is not from words alone but the interactions of speech and behavior. This includes tonality, the way words are spoken, and the body language used.

All of us want our children to walk tall, to exude confidence and imbue trust and respect in others. This is especially true of parents whose children will be graduating from the safe cocoon of school and entering the track of society soon.

Diana shares that personal branding is something that “comes from within us”. It comes from qualities like sincerity and kindness, and these are things learnt not overnight but developed over the years.

In the next section, we will learn how personal branding can help your child achieve success both in school amongst peers as well as in the working world. We will also explore the different ways in which our children – and even us – can apply positive personal branding to our lives.