Personal Branding

In the previous article, we introduced the concept of personal branding and how this can positively shape and reinforce your child’s young life.

First of all, we have to understand why the way your child brands him or herself in the eyes of others is important. If your child were to position herself as someone so excruciatingly shy that they stutter whenever they have to address their classmates or talk to their form teacher, how would her teachers and peers look at her? They would most likely feel protective toward her and want to help her come out of her shell, but treat her like a delicate flower and not hand her the responsibilities to major class projects or leadership roles, things which would be able to help her become even more confident and sure of herself.

This is why personal branding is important. With the right branding, Ms Diana Chandra from EMCC (Eagles Mediation and Counselling Centre), tells us that “we will be equipped with strategies which combine all that we are to drive and shape our circumstances”, and when your child knows how to do these things, she will be able to stand out from the herd. And standing out from the herd will provide her with new and unique opportunities, like a promising job or a placement in a highly sought after tertiary program requiring interviews.

How can you encourage your child to begin taking charge of his life? These are some pointers you can help your child to apply in his life:

He can begin by mapping out his strengths and weaknesses, what he likes about himself or dislikes about himself, and the person he would like to become in future.

When interacting with others, he can practise by communicating in a clear, confident tone and manner. By learning to stand tall and sit straight up, and saying only what he means, while doing whatever he says he will do, he will convey a tone of authority, decisiveness, and responsibility, which will command respect from both his peers, his teachers, his relatives, and the most important people of you – his mum and dad.

Many admirable qualities seen in leaders are not attributes that they were born with, but what they grew and developed into. Help your child to be the best person he can be – it all starts with personal branding.