Interactive global adventure awaits you in “39 Clues”

THE plot begins with the death of Grace Cahill, grandmother of the main characters Amy and Dan Cahill. Just before her death from cancer, she added something to her will which could change the lives of some who were brave enough.

Setting the stage

When everybody has arrived at the funeral of Grace Cahill, a special invitation is given to about 40 people there and they see a video of Grace Cahill defining the 39 clues. She also mentions that the Cahill family is the biggest and most powerful family on the face of earth, and almost every notable person in history was related to the Cahills. It is also said that the Cahill family is split into four branches: Lucian, Ekaterina, Tomas, and Janus. The invited people can take a million dollars (and leave) OR receive the first of the 39 clues which could change the course of their lives.

Reviewer’s take

A great adventure/mystery novel, it would appeal to readers of ages 9 to 14. Adults with a keen sense of adventure may also find it enjoyable. I personally found it unique, not to mention the collectible cards which come with every book in the series. Action, adventure, mystery, suspense, and orphans, all mixed into a well-balanced story. A great children’s novel…one may find it hard to beat this one!

The 39 Clues series

The first book, Maze of Bones was published two years ago (2008), authored by award-winning writer Rick Riordan. Of the 10 books in main 39 Clues series, the last two are still being written. The other titles are by different writers, and the series is published by US publisher Scholastic

Ably led by main characters Dan and Amy Cahill, the 10 books in the series feature the fictitious 500-year old Cahill family that claims as its own many famous historical figures who played an influential role in global affairs. The fictional secret to the family power? The 39 clues that together help the possessor to be the most powerful person in the world.

Interactive gaming too!

Review39clues_3app.jpgTogether with collectibles and related gaming paraphernalia, the 39 Clues is part of a wider reading and gaming experience where the reader can create an online account and participate in cyber adventure missions. You can also download a gaming app for the iPhone or iTouch. With most if not all iPhone apps being available for the iPad, you could also read and enjoy the book on the bigger screen.

Review39clues_maze.jpgTitle:   Maze of Bones
Series:   39 Clues
Publisher:   Scholastic
Author:   Rick Riordan
First Published:   2008
Extent:   228 pages
Price:   17.90 SGD (prices may vary according to prevailing store discounts)
Available:   Most book stores

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Other books in the 39 Clues series

One False Note, The Sword Thief, Beyond the Grave, The Black Circle, In Too Deep, The Viper's Nest, The Emperor's Code, Storm Warning, Into the Gauntlet 

Book 2: One False NoteBook 3:  The Sword ThiefBook 4: Beyond the Grave Book 5:  The Black CircleBook 6:  In Too DeepBook 7:  The Viper's NestBook 8:  The Emperor's CodeBook 9:  Storm WarningBook 10:  Into the Gauntlet


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