Be a holiday detective – meet Fletcher Moon, private investigator!

HalfMoon_Eoin.jpgBEST-selling children/teens author Eoin Colfer, creator of the wickedly famous Artemis Fowl, has produced yet another intriguing and intelligent character in schoolboy detective Fletcher Moon.



Intrepid schoolboy investigator

Fletcher Moon is a half-pint schoolboy and a ‘fully qualified’ private investigator. He has been solving minor mysteries and cases at home and around school, since graduating online. From trying to investigate something that happened in school, he stumbles upon a series of unsolved mysteries and crimes that occurred in his county. When he hears something outside one night and goes to check it out, he is attacked by someone with a hurley stick and knocked unconscious. When he awakes, he notices an engraved band on the stick that just happened to have his enemy’s name (Red) on it.

Fletcher is framed!

Fletcher goes to visit April’s (Fletcher is helping her on a case) cousin May to photograph this discovered evidence but ends up at the wrong place witnessing someone putting to flame May’s lucky dancing costume. Subjected to an anesthetic, he blacks out. When he wakes up, the evidence of the arson is next to him!

Who would enjoy it?

This book can be thoroughly enjoyed by all ages with a keen sense of adventure and mystery and also those who are fans of the famous Artemis Fowl. I love the ludicrously funny situations Fletcher Moon finds himself in, and I also appreciate the complexity of the adventure-mystery coupled with the quite absurd and ridiculous happenings!

Adapted for TV

The book forms the basis for the 13-episode BBC television series that started airing in January 2009. See official TV series site.


HalfMoon_book.jpgTitle: Half Moon Investigations
Author: Eoin Colfer
Publisher: Miramax books
First Published: 2006 Extent: 290 pages Price: SGD 17.90 (prices may vary according to prevailing store discounts)
Available: Most Book Stores



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