The Brand "You"

When your child first begins puberty, the changes in them goes beyond just the physical. There are emotional changes as well and suddenly you may feel as though your child is a "brand new person".  At this stage, they will learn more about personal branding.  Click here to read how this can impact on them.

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Be a holiday detective – meet Fletcher Moon, private investigator!

Fletcher_thumb.jpg“I've seen a lot of things that normal people never see. I've seen lunchboxes stripped of everything but fruit. I've seen counterfeit homework networks that operate in five countries, and I've seen truckloads of candy taken from babies. Up for a challenge?”

Join tween genius detective Fletcher Moon these holidays to investigate wacky mysteries! Teen reviewer Juanita Joseph from CHIJ St Joseph contributed this review of the book that is the basis of the 2009 BBC TV series, "Half Moon Investigations".

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Overweight kids tend to be bullied more, study suggests

Obesity_thumb.jpgNEW research from University of Michigan indicates a 63% heightened risk that an overweight child will be a target of aggressive behaviour from other kids regardless of other factors like gender, race and family wealth.

"What we found, much to our dismay, was that nothing seemed to matter. If you were obese, you were more likely to be bullied, no matter what," said research investigator Dr Julie Lumeng of the Center for Human Growth and Development.

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Interactive global adventure awaits you in “39 Clues”

39clues_thumb.jpgFOR your inheritance, you may have the first of thirty-nine clues. The first team to successfully put together the clues, which are scattered across the world, will discover the secret of Cahill power and become the richest, most important people in history.’

 – adapted from Maze of Bones, first book in the 39 Clues series. Each book in the series features adventures in a different set of countries, weaving into it history and geography. Together with collectible cards and online gaming, the series promises much more than just a reading experience. Our teen reviewer Juanita Joseph from CHIJ St Joseph who had perused the series provided this review of the first book which forms the basis of the upcoming 2011 movie release.

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Beyond academics - learning through risk-taking

Risk_thumb1.jpgA YOUNG Singaporean suffered serious injuries in a jet ski accident in early April. He was apparently hit by another jet ski-er. He was part of a group of friends who were on holiday together. In another instance, my nephew J was in a neighbouring city recently. He had gone there with a few of his friends for a holiday. It so happened that his going there was at a time of some political tension. Some violence erupted there hours after his return home to Singapore a week later.

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