Expressions - the child writer's challenges

An exciting world if you empower your child

Entering the world of writing should be exciting and fulfilling. To wield the power of words, making imagination and thoughts concrete, is an empowering experience. And how satisfying to know that once a story is written, the words on the page are there to be re-visited and enjoyed as many times as you want.

All these positive experiences that clarify thought and build self-awareness can come from the act of writing. Yet for some children the entry into the world of writing is a difficult process fraught with anxiety.


Common challenges

There are a number of reasons for this anxiety. The most common ones are:

  • Writing demands physical skills, without which the process is slow, tiresome and discouraging.
  • Unlike speech, errors and untidiness are clearly visible in writing.
  • Writing demands multi-tasking cognitively, linguistically and physically - a process that can be exhausting and difficult if one isn't ready.
  • Writing is often associated with work and the child has very little control over how much or what to write.


Support the budding writer in your child

The good news is that it is so easy to turn this around and make writing exciting, fun and very satisfying. All we need to do is recognise and support all the stages of writing, and provide lots of encouragement and praise. In short, let your child play with writing and enjoy his/her efforts at expressing himself/herself in print.

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