Instill a joy of writing: 3 terrific things to try


PERHAPS you are doing or have already done these things. But if not, and are looking for simple ideas, we recommend three things that you can easily do/set in motion to give your child the initial impetus to explore on their own.


Start a family scrapbook

With some large sheets of coloured construction paper, and a camera that is always handy, you are all set to help your child build a scrapbook of memorable moments that they can caption. Snap pictures of daily events. When you paste them on sheets of coloured paper, talk about the pictures with your child and help write captions. After some time, bind the pages together for a wonderful scrapbook that you and your child can revisit. The added bonus: your child's reading skills are polished.


Make writing easy

Ensure there is writing paper, art paper, pencils, crayons, and other art material all within easy reach of your child. Get a table with drawers so art and writing materials can be kept tidy and always available. This will encourage your child to explore many print expressions without the daunting tasks of having to ask for paper, find a pencil, wonder if there are enough colours, all of which makes writing seem like too much trouble.


Be positive about writing

Enjoy your child's efforts at writing and drawing. Praise their effort and celebrate their expression. Pin up their work. A child who sees their effort welcomed and celebrated is powerfully motivated to continue writing, drawing and developing their linguistic and communication skills.

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