Specialised Independent Schools

Specialised Independent Schools

This seems to be the rage and the flavor of the month, due in part to the added ‘guarantee’ of Direct School Admission (DSA). If your child has an aptitude for mathematics and scientific inquiry, an inclination for applied learning and creativity, excels in sports or has a creative flair for the arts, you may wish to enrol him or her in one of the Specialised Independent Schools. These schools offer courses that are specially designed to help your child reach his potential in these areas. A check with the Ministry of Education (MOE) website will furnish you with more information on the above.

Nonetheless, it would be highly advisable and prudent to personally make a trip to these schools to experience the ‘feel’ of the (new) environment and to talk to the relevant staff accordingly. A word of caution, though. Once your child is enrolled in one of these institutions, it would be a challenge to transfer him or her to another ‘mainstream’ school for the simple reason that the programmes on offer are unique and customised.

It’s Up To You

pri-sch surveyAs the saying goes, ‘the choice is yours’. As a parent, you play an important role in choosing the school that can cater to the needs of your child. Here are some factors you may wish to consider when choosing a school for your child.

How far is the school from my home?
What are the programmes and schemes available in the school?
What are the school’s strengths?
Do the co-curricular activities offered by the school match my child’s interest?
Is the secondary school affiliated to any schools?
How far have I made this decision in consultation with my child?

Final Thoughts

A secondary school education is about the total development of your child, beyond what your child can achieve academically. No matter which school your child goes to, his total development should be the prime focus. Again, this begs the question at the beginning, “Why Study?” With the luxury of choice comes the added responsibility to choose well in the hope that passions would be enkindled and wisdom developed.