Tutor hunt : What can you do first as a parent?

TUITION is big business in little Singapore!

And it is still growing with more teachers leaving the schools to offer tuition for flexi hours and better pay. Of course, parents play a critical role in spurring the tuition sector growth since most subscribe to getting a tutor hoping the child would obtain better grades...even though the kid may not necessarily require one.

rightutorWith such buzz in this sector, how much do our busy and affluent parents really know about choosing a good tutor or when to consider tuition for the child?

onSponge spoke with seasoned tutors and parents on the hunt for a good tutor and gleaned some helpful pointers to guide you to the optimal decision where your child is concerned.

But before you hop onto the bandwagon of splurging on tuition teachers/centres, make sure you first do the following:

Get engaged in your child's academic progress

Don't wait to be surprised by his poor performance and then go on a panic hunt for tutors. The least a parent could do is to make it a point to check the child's homework to monitor his progress. Start this habit as early as possible. Don't be shy about making contact with your child's form teacher to find out about his progress in school. Such contact need not wait until the meet-the-teacher session that the school usually organises only after the examination. Leave your contact details with the teacher and request to be informed should your child fail to co-operate and your help is needed. An early alert about your child's inability to cope in his studies will provide you ample time to seek appropriate help.

Request help from the school teacher first

Schools do set aside time to help the weaker students though this is usually done after normal school hours. Find out about such arrangements as teachers who genuinely care for their students normally do provide such added services. The more you are involved, the more effort your child's teachers will make to support you.

Guidelines for engaging a tutor