Enrichment programmes: Do you need them?

CHILDREN do not bear a mark on their head that says, "I am talented in...". Even as adults, we still wonder where our gift lies in apart from making a living!

Being no talent scout, most of us hopeful parents would overwhelm our children with loads of talent-grooming programmes starting at 18 months of age or even earlier.

Now pause a moment and refresh your memory.

  • Remember perhaps the thrill of witnessing your little one's first tumble at Gymboree that got you thinking about him being a national athlete.
  • Or how about the first musical concert at kindergarten where her dainty dancing feet led you to register her at that famous dance studio?
  • What about the doodling that sparked the joining of the long wait-list at NAFA?

Or it could be other memories. All not so long ago, right? Today, how far has your child gotten to truly realise that innate talent, outside of the examinations for certification/grading?

The music score that sits on the piano is the same nine months ago when she first started preparing for the examination. Would the limited repertoire and associated stressful examinations make your child develop a talent? And what about those other enrichment programmes that you had to terminate along the way for school work?

While not all children are blessed with an obvious special talent, at onSponge we believe that nascent talent, once identified can and needs to be nurtured. This is where enrichment plays a critical role, whether home-based or external.

Apart from attending classes to be coached by professionals, sustenance is key to groom our children especially when most are only likely to excel through a rather disciplined routine.

This sustenance, whatever form it may take must heighten the joy of learning, motivate the child to look forward to more, and inspire him to explore beyond. When this happens, the process becomes natural and application takes effect.


Identifying the talent to groom
Home based or external enrichment?
Selecting an enrichment programme - key criteria