Enrichment programmes: Identifying the talent

EARLIER we examined the need for enrichment programmes and how these can assist in your child's development.

Next, how can you play a part to help identify your child's talents and gifts? Remember, not all children readily exhibit an innate talent which can be identified quickly.

So it can take time and much patience...but this is your child, and you surely are going to invest in that critical effort to discover those areas.

Yes, seen through the eyes of an enthusiastic and dedicated parent, it's indeed an exciting voyage of wonder and discovery!

What to do

Know that you need not rush out straightaway to sign up in any programme. First, do your part:

  • Know your child by observing his area of strength or interest.
  • Assist him or her to identify their own specific gifts and talents by exposing them to a variety of activities. This includes sharing with them on events or personalities that will serve to inspire and spur their interest.
  • Ensure a rich, challenging and varied learning experience by allowing your child to use and share their gifts and talents amongst a like-minded community.
Next steps

Once these talents and gifts are identified, you are then better placed to plan to help your child to

  • attain the highest levels of achievement they are currently capable.
  • provide them with more structured and personalised education programmes to support their emerging gifts and talents.


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