Enrichment programmes: Home based or external?

AN environment of creativity and commitment is required in order for the gifts and talents of your child to emerge. Such an environment exists where an extensive range of enrichment opportunities supports high quality, challenging teaching.



If, as a dedicated homemaker you are already actively involved in your child's nurturing and growth, then you are making that environment a reality at home. This allows you the direct opportunity to divine your child's specialness. Your basic engagement in the area your child is beginning to show promise, will set a good foundation for further development by the professionals.

Some ideas to create an inspiring environment at home to nurture a gift:

  • Build a library of resources that revolve around the field that your child is interested in. Such materials can include books, magazines and video clips.
  • Bookmark websites and online forums related to the discipline and constantly use them as sources for updating on events and trends which your child should be aware of.
  • Invest in mementos, toys, posters or any display items that can spark your child's interest and curiosity.
  • Add the human touch to the field of discipline by introducing your child to renowned personalities in the specified field and share with him about their lives, achievements as well as setbacks. These serve as great role models to your child and truly complete his learning experience.
  • Expose your child to as many events as possible that are related to the discipline. This is because interactions with people of similar interests form an important consideration to influence his perception and maturity in the subject.

For parents with special skills to impart to their child, do watch out for possible strain to the relationship since most parents do place a higher burden of expectation on their children.


If, however, you are a salaried worker, you do need to look at enrichment programmes elsewhere in the marketplace. Some parents with children of similar age group prefer to appoint their own instructor after forming a small class comprising their own children.

A key point to note is that an enrichment programme should allow your child to experience areas not available within the school day.


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