Enrichment programmes: Key factors

SEVERAL key issues must be ascertained when selecting an enrichment programme for your child. Note also that such programmes can be developed and run by individual qualified instructors and their teams on premises rented specifically for the programme (eg community centres, hotel function rooms, etc), or they could be held at a dedicated enrichment programme centre.

Then there is the other option of personalised coaching for which you will need to pay more.

Whichever it may be, make a point of finding out if the following factors exist within the enrichment programme unless it is carried out at your home:

  • For in-door programmes, a classroom provision that is both creative and disciplined.
  • Well developed and achievable curriculum to progressively scale your child's ability over time. Recognise that NOT all enrichment programmes need to take years to complete. Some are structured in modules to address needs specifically with each being fairly independent though addressing a common discipline.
  • Dedicated, qualified and engaging teaching coaches/instructors (if it is a centre, see if it is led by a committed and visionary senior management team).
  • Participation in events or activities that bring the community together for exchange of ideas. This could include competition or workshops.
  • Recognition of the importance and value of developing the emotional intelligence of the learner. Mechanical learning is most uninspiring. A child who knows how to paint does not necessarily appreciate Art.
  • Expectation that children need to work hard, show commitment and progress within a given time frame.
  • Expects you as a parent to be supportive, and is serious about keeping you informed of your child's progress.


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