Give your child a head start  with Design Marvel!

WELL-developed thought and design processes will give your child a head up in school projects and going on into adult life.

This was the rationale behind Design Marvel, a new design communication course organised by onSponge Pte Ltd. Conducted over three days on 26-29 November 2008, its principal trainer was Mr Samuel Quek, owner of Dew On Grass Design Studio and also its Creative Director.

Aesthetics for life

"We live in a designed world," stated Mr Quek. "Understanding design helps us to understand the world. Design solves problems. [Through this course] Your child will better understand and appreciate aesthetics which will not only benefit him/her in academics but also in social life."

Course objectives

Catering to kids aged 10-14 years, the Design Marvel objectives included the following:
- Apply a creative and innovative design process to problems.
- Use basic craft and design software to output the design solution.
- Communicate effectively ideas and concepts through well-designed outputs.
Lunch was provided.

More courses with Studio@onSponge

According to Elsa Tan, Director of onSponge, more such courses are planned under its design brand, Studio@onSponge.

Ms Tan said, "Studio@onSponge is based on our belief that aesthetic education is critical for enriching a child's mental development enabling one to express perceptions, feelings and ideas through reflective shaping of various media. Studio@onSponge, through its series of programmes on design communication focuses on improving a wide range of skills in a child including patience, attention to detail, presentation, creativity, teamwork and self-esteem."

For more information about Studio@onSponge courses, you can write to