Winners of thinkingMath P6 Paper 2 Mock Assessment 2013

More than 150 brave students from various schools took part in the annual thinkingMath@onSponge P6 Paper 2 Mock Assessment held at the National Library Building on 21st July 2013. The objective of the Mock Assessment was part of the PSLE preparation programme for P6 students from Oodles Learning, certified tuition partner of onSponge. The top 3 students with the highest score walked away with an All-in-one E-printer kindly sponsored by Hewlett Packard.

Here are the thoughts of the winners as well as study tips in preparation of the coming PSLE. 

  Interview with Joylyn Tan, Woodgrove Primary   pix joylynI am very happy. I did not expect to be in the Top 3 as there are students who are better. Winning a HP printer is a bonus and I will be using it for my school projects in the future.   I like to thank my parents for allowing me to participate in the onSponge P6 Paper 2 Mock assessment. They did not give me any additional stress before the assessment and only wanted me to do my best. To my math coach at Oodles  Learning, thank you for your support.  I have used the techniques and strategies taught by the centre to help me solved the questions. Though I am one of the top scorers, I will continue to work on the different types of questions, especially Speed, and revise consistently before the PSLE.    Tips from Joylyn on preparing for PSLE: Build on your foundation and study by topics along with techniques for solving sums. Set personal realistic goals and target.     Interview with Rachel Lim, Pei Chun Public   pix rachelI am very happy but I will not be complacent. I will continue to work hard. Being one of the Top 3 scorers came as a surprise as there were many students who sat for the onSponge P6 Paper 2 Mock assessment and competition was very stiff. 

I like to thank my parents for their support and my Coach at Oodles Learning for helping me to excel in my Math.
The Mock assessment has taught me to manage my time wisely (don’t ponder over a sum too long when you are stuck as you need to move on). Think, reason and apply the strategies learnt. I will continue to work hard and expose myself to the different types of questions; and make use of the problem solving skills I have acquired to prepare for the coming PSLE.
Thank you HP for sponsoring the new printers to the Top 3 scorers, I will be using it regularly.

Tips from Rachel on preparing for PSLE:
Calm down and try to think that Math is fun. Do not be discouraged when you get the question wrong, instead learn from your mistakes to do better.


Interview with Cody Chow, Rosyth Primary

pix codyWhen I first heard that I had won, I was very excited. My mom was thinking of getting a printer for me later part of the year at the IT fair so the prize came at a good time. Thank you HP! 

I never thought I would be one of the Top 3 scorers as there were students at Oodles Learning who were better than me at Math. Every week when I looked at the printers displayed at Oodles, I did not think I would actually walk away with it!
The onSponge P6 Paper 2 Mock assessment had a variety of questions and it appeared to have quite a bit that test on visual type of questions! I managed to solve most of the questions using the techniques and strategies taught by my Coach at the Centre.
I like to thank my parents who encouraged me to take part in the Mock assessment and for helping me with Math. Also to my Coach, you make me better in Math and now I can solve most sums swiftly.

Tips from Cody on preparing for PSLE:
To do well, practice is very important. Constantly practise and remember all the +hinkingMath methods taught, so you will be able answer most of the questions no matter how different the structure is.