Inspire your child with a love for science! Ask Professor Why at science.09


MILLIONS have seen an apple fall. But Sir Isaac Newton was one of the first to ask “why?”, leading to the theory of gravity. This simple question is at the heart of science. 

DrBunheadIgnitesSciencescience.09, Singapore’s largest annual science festival, hopes to re-ignite that spirit of inquisitiveness and discovery with an exciting program centering on the thought-provoking theme – "Ask Why".

Ask Professor Why!

Using a charming, quirky mascot named Professor Why as the "mentor", this year’s theme was chosen toProfWhy inspire Singaporeans to rediscover their curiosity about the world and encourage them to actively ask questions about why things happen the way they do in the world around them.

In August and September at various convenient venues around Singapore, students, families, professionals and visitors will be able to enjoy a plethora of activities - from science fiction movie festivals, to topical forums discussing the latest advances in understanding pandemics such as H1N1, to the wonders of Singapore gardens and robotics competitions. Visitors will be able to interact with practicing scientists and find out more about the exciting, current multi-disciplinary science.

X-periment: Launch event of science.09 featuring explosive science by Dr Bunhead

science.09 kicked off on 14 August with Senior Minister of State for Education, Mr S Iswaran launching the opening event, a three-day mega science carnival at Marina Square Central Atrium. Featuring Dr Bunhead, TV’s most extreme educational scientist from the United Kingdom, his unique brand of explosive science experiments, such as "Fire Tornado", "Flaming Trump Tube" and more, will thrill both the young and the old.

DrBunheadnVIPsAt X-periment! the public also learned more about the latest scientific developments and discoveries by visiting the exhibits and activities set up by the various science.09 partners.

Island-wide festival of events

Jointly organised by the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) and the Science Centre Singapore (SCS), science.09 festival features 147 events, activities, talks and workshops taking place island-wide from 14 August to 30 September 2009. Whether your interest lies in genetics, physics, astronomy, or nature, to science fiction or even gardening, there is something for everyone. Click here for the science.09 Calendar of Events


GOH"Science is in everything we do and the scientists of the past, present and future are inspirations for all of us. One day, you might just be the one to propose a new scientific theory, invent a new device or discover a cure for a disease — the possibilities are endless so keep asking why and find out the answers to all your questions."

- Mr S Iswaran, Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Trade and Industry and Ministry of Education, noting in his opening speech that healthy curiosity about how and why things work is the catalyst for the spirit of learning and creative thought.


“We are pleased to partner with the Science Centre to reach out to students of all levels and the community at large through the exciting and educational activities in science.09. As part of our efforts to cultivate interest in science among the public, scientists from A*STAR’s research institutes will share their knowledge and expertise on a wide range of topics. For example, participants can find out more about the influenza A (H1N1) virus from A*STAR researchers, doctors and other experts at the Biopolis Flu Forum.”

 - Professor Miranda Yap, Executive Director of the A*STAR Graduate Academy


“Today, science is borderless and multi-disciplinary. Through technology we are able to connect and share scientific knowledge and exchange ideas with the world. Science has indeed taken on a substantial role in our society and the world; impacting the way we live, work and play now and in the future. Increasingly, Singapore is involved in global scientific developments and it is encouraging to see Singaporeans becoming more aware and interested in developments in the science, technology and biomedical areas. Through science.09, we hope to spark a passion for learning among Singaporeans by encouraging their inquisitiveness to “Ask Why” and actively seeking answers to their questions."

 - Dr Chew Tuan Chiong, Chief Executive, SCS


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