Fads and trends: 5 hot tips

WHAT did you want to know about your tween but never dared to ask?  The identity-searching phase of the tween (and the later teen) years can be a daunting period for parents as their child chases after ever-changing trends and fads. The need to connect with their maturing child, yet maintain authority and command respect from them at the same time, leaves many a parent wishing there was a magic potion to turn their tween or teen back into the sweet angel they once knew.

Understand your child as a person

Rather than being ignorant of what goes on around your child, you as parents can be involved in their world and be in the know of their latest trends and fads. You can debunk the myth that parents are old-fashioned and outdated. The secret lies in understanding your child as a person, not simply the trends and fads he or she is trying to follow.

5 hot tips – Information from internet and other sources

The following refers to information about your child that you can get on your own.

In ternet

Educate yourself about it. The internet is the domain of tweens and teens, the trademark of their generation. It contains a wealth of information about tweens, from fashion websites to online forums to popular social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook. Knowing the internet is half the battle won in getting to know your tween and the trends they follow.


Get acquainted with it. Even if you don’t know who The Black Eyed Peas are or who hosted the 2007 MTV Music Awards, you can redeem yourself if you know what YouTube ( www.youtube.com ) is. One of the most popular websites on the Internet today, YouTube is an online video-sharing site with an extensive online user community and new videos are uploaded daily.

MySpace.com and Facebook.com

Get an account. Online social networking may be a totally foreign concept to the older generation, but it is a great way to get connected to the younger generation. There is no obligation to reveal much personal information. You can check others’ profiles and exchanges among friends to get a taste of the interests and conversation topics tweens and teenagers engage in.

Fashion and trend-setting websites

The invention of online search engines such as Google.com makes searching for websites a piece of cake. Simply type in search words along the lines of “tweens fashion trends” and a long list of websites will be at your disposal. At times you will be surprised to find that today’s tween fashion trends may not differ much from your own tween and teenage days. Check out websites such as WhoWhatWearDaily.com for inspiration.

Tween media

Keep updated about magazines, television shows and movies. These are good avenues to keep abreast of the latest in the tweens’ world. If they have an online blog or social networking space, you can visit those to get a feel of your tween’s inner world.