No excuse for family mealtimes!

FAMILY mealtimes is a casualty these days with both mum and dad out working till late in the office or out on some official engagement. Even if the family does come together, there would be the occasional disruptions from the mobile phone or the repeated buzzing of the Blackberry.

How is it that the once-upon-a-time good family practice of gathering over a meal to enjoy the food and the companionship has given way to the impatient hustle and bustle of urban living?

finediningHawker centres and restaurants that overwhelm this tiny red dot now play an important part in family mealtimes as well. However, my ideal family mealtimes are those taken in the comfort of the home especially when everyone chips in to help out - set the table, prepare the dishes and linger over a good family conversation before the washing up!

Sure, it takes a longer time and likely requires people to make changes to their busy schedule but it's so worth it! Such a gathering over the dining table is not just about eating but the time set aside for bonding, to share, show care and discover each other!

So if you are one that believes in protecting this sacred activity that binds the family especially amidst the hectic Singaporean lifestyle, read on for more ideas to make your mealtimes with your family even more meaningful and memorable.

Family mealtimes: Ideas for all seasons