FAQs on pet adoption

CHECK out these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to test your/your child's readiness to adopt a pet. Then find out where to adopt from, the cost and other requirements.

1. Are you ready to make a commitment to a pet for its entire life?

Adding a companion animal to the family is a big responsibility. Adopting an animal is not unlike adopting a child, in that it means making a permanent commitment to care for and spend time with the animal.

Before adopting, consider the time and money involved. Will someone have the time and patience to exercise and housebreak your new pet? Are you prepared to pay for a balanced diet, accessories (such as toys and a brush), vaccinations, veterinary treatment or emergency care?

2. Will other pets in your home get along with a new one?

The featured pet profiles will indicate if the listed pet can get along with a similar or another pet in a new household. BUT only you can decide if any of YOUR existing pets can get along with a new one.

3. If you go on vacation, who will take care of your pet?

Your best bet is to select someone you know personally, such as a friend or relative. If this is not possible, you may want to check out an outside sitter such as a kennel or a private company.

If you choose to use an outside sitter, here are some basic helpful tips:
- Check references carefully. The Singapore SPCA will gladly recommend reputable kennel/cattery care facilities.
- Meet the sitter in advance and ask them questions about companion animals and their care
- Leave your telephone numbers, that of your friend or relative, and that of your vet.

4. Do you have the patience and discipline for house-training a puppy?

Housetraining a dog takes patience and time (and some good humour helps too!). With understanding, a regular schedule of feeding and "bathroom/toilet breaks," and careful attention to the dog's body language, housetraining a dog can be a breeze.

You establish a routine the day you bring your puppy home. Take him outside first thing in the morning or immediately after napping, and right before bedtime (puppies, with their small bladders, often can't make it through the night without having to relieve themselves).

5. Where can you adopt a pet?

If you are interested to adopt an animal from the SPCA, please visit them at 31, Mount Vernon Road. For more information and to view a full list of animals up for adoption, check out www.spca.org.sg.

SPCA opening hours: 10am to 4pm (Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday/Saturday) 11am to 3.30pm (Sunday)
10am to 8.30pm (Last Friday of the month)  
6. How much does it cost to adopt a pet from the SPCA?

Female dog - $155
Male dog - $145
Female cat - $65
Male cat - $50
Local rabbits - $10
Purebreed rabbits - $50
Small mammals (hamsters, guinea pigs) - $10 (microchip not included.)