The marathon dad


HAVE you ever indulged in an athletic activity with your child, like playing a sport, working out at the gym or even running or jogging?

Take part in RUN Singapore!

In this context, we would like you to consider running with your child for the inaugural RUN Singapore event this September. Here are a few good reasons why:

  •  Fathering is more like a marathon than a sprint; your children need you for a lifetime (even when they become parents). Take care of your health so you can be there for them in the long run.FatherChild(1)
  • There are only three ways to teach a child; the first is by example, the second is by example, the third is by example. For instance, a father tells his son who is entering National Service in about nine months to start losing weight and start exercising. But nothing happens. Thus a good example to your kids is a healthy example. Your children are learning from you more with their eyes, then with their ears. The example of a healthy lifestyle is something they will carry on into adulthood, even after they leave home.
  • Sporting activities like jogging side by side allow you to be with your kids without distractions; at least, you two are away from the TV or computer! The interaction allows you to discover your child’s other interests and various aspects to their personality in different settings. Running has a unique way of opening up the hearts and mouth!
  • Running builds perseverance, a character trait that will benefit your child at any point in his/her life. Thus complete this 5km RUN Singapore event. Achieving a common goal with your child is a great way to bond.
  • Prove to your children you are not “OLD”.

Last and not least...

  • Centre for Fathering needs your generous donation through this funding rising event.
Reflection pointers for fathers to consider
  • When was the last time your young child played a physical activity?
  • When did you last see your teenage child try hard and persevere in a task he or she undertook?
Action pointer for fathers to connect
  • Bringing your young child to the playground or to the field to kick a ball is a time of sharing and exercising that builds psycho-motor skills.