The father volunteer: Impacting your child positively

VOLUNTEERING is a great way to teach your child about giving back to the community. Looking at the less fortunate people and your guidance of explaining to them why they need help will evoke a certain emotion and build a compassionate heart. It will also help your child to be more appreciative of what they have and to be thankful for their own abundance of luxuries in comparison to others less endowed/needy.

Father as a role model of care and compassion

Fathers need to step up to the platform first. Children who see their fathers participating in volunteer work are more likely to believe in the value of helping others. Working with your child will also foster deeper conversations and bonding as you work as a team. Your attitude towards this volunteering act has an impact on your child’s view of it. If you seem bored while at it, your child will come to regard volunteering as a boring activity; likewise, your enthusiasm will spur their passion to get into the act.

Reflection pointers for fathers to consider
  • If there is a value that you want your child to develop, what will that be?
  • Are you living out that value in your life consistently and authentically in an observable way for your child?
Action pointer for fathers to connect
  • Tell your children of an occasion when you went out of your way to serve someone without expecting any repayment for your kindness. Why did you do it? How did carrying out that act of kindness make you feel?


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