Fathers with big hearts!


  • HAVE a full-time job?
  • Married with children?
  • Balancing the commitments of work and family and overcoming challenges in a fast-paced environment?

All of these sound very much like the busy lives of many Singaporean men. So what makes some of these men, despite their busy schedules, go on to open their homes and their hearts to be fathers to children who are not their own?

Beyond providing a roof over their heads, these foster fathers also provide children and youths, who are unable to live with their own families, a safe and nurturing environment to grow in.


Fostering scheme

The ‘Fostering Scheme’ is administered by MCYS (Ministry of Community Development, Youth & Sports). It aims to provide an alternative care arrangement for these children so that they can benefit from a safe, stable and nurturing home environment. Here are some interesting facts about the fostering programme.


Reflection pointers for fathers

  • Every child may grow up to be a father or mother. Fostering will give the child a chance of a father figure and a male model to learn from.
  • In the coming weeks, three foster fathers will share their journey in caring for their foster children. We would like you to read these stories as a way to honour these men who choose to share their lives and homes with children in need.


Action pointers for fathers

Want to know more about fostering or how you can contribute to the cause?  Then call 6354 8799 or visit MCYS.

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