Grow a pizza herb garden today!


AT A TIME of high agri-product prices, there’s a growing movement of people to cultivate their own produce. Recent news reports from Britain indicated that packets of seeds and seedlings are flying off shelfs. Most of these families are fortunate to have their own little plots that can be turned into gardens. Besides the obvious economics involved, is there a learning opportunity for our tweens who are mostly high-rise dwellers in land-scarce Singapore?






Learning life through plants




What You Will Need



Pots and seedlings of your choice.




As anyone will tell you, a garden can teach us many things about life and is a wonderful tool for developing young minds. Children can learn important lessons which will help them mature into responsible adults.


In Singapore where most of us have tiny balconies instead of spacious gardens out front, you can start the lesson simply with a flower pot filled with soil and a handful of seedlings.

Children will learn about the life cycle of a plant and how it mirrors events in life. They will develop character-building virtues of patience and responsibility. They will learn science in a more enjoyable way, from understanding how a plant grows to how the environment affects it.

For older children, they can learn financial responsibility by getting them to figure out how much it costs to grow their own plants, and then comparing with the retail price at the supermarket. Your time together will provide opportunity to hear your child’s thoughts and to guide their personal growth.

Some time ago, I received a pot of basil as a gift and since then, it has been the “pet” of the family. My two boys water it every morning and help to pluck the leaves to add flavour to homemade pizzas. This enthusiasm has translated into adding pots of oregano, thyme and mint to put together our very own Pizza Herb Garden. 

Through the humble basil, I have also expanded my boys’ general knowledge about culture and religion. They never tire about hearing how this “king of herbs” is a protection against scorpions in African legend, a symbol of love in present-day Italy, represented hatred in ancient Greece, is highly revered in Hinduism, and that the Greek Orthodox Church uses it to prepare holy water. You will be amazed by the discoveries that you and your child will make with plants.







Less than $20.