Beyond Theme Park

In most holidays for families with children, visit to a theme park is likely a requirement in the itinerary. If the little ones are really lucky, there might even be two or more theme parks in one holiday! But is this the only sure way to keep your children entertained during a family trip? Are memories of cuddling life-sized cartoon characters, eating cotton candy and heart-throbbing roller coaster rides the only things children will retain from their childhood?

As colourful as visits to theme parks might seem, they may not provide the fondest of memories. Here are some alternatives parents might want to think about when planning for the next family holiday.

Fun With Nature

Australia has so much more than theme parks to offer. Why not explore the beautiful scenery and enjoy close encounters with the wildlife as a family instead. The Whiteman Park in Western Australia allows access to a buffet of activities such as peaceful picnics in their picturesque grounds or a fun barbecue with family and friends.

Aside from appreciating scenic beauty, children and parents alike can immerse themselves in a wildlife experience at the Caversham Wildlife Park, also located in Whiteman Park. Grab a camera and capture your best moments here as family members get up close with Koalas, Kangaroos, Wombats, Tasmania Devils and more.

Should you wish to see nature at work, visit one of the several farms in Western Australia. The Bindoon Windmill Farm allows visitors to taste the natural sweetness of fruits from local orchards, experience horseback riding and even engage in milking cows. These are delights that us city folks will never forget!

Family Beach Time

Taking the children to a beach is one sure way to have fun for the family. The beaches of Bali provide a sunny place where parents can get that much-needed tan, while children build sandcastles and frolic in the gentle waves. If you need a little more action, water parks like Waterbom Bali might just cut it. With features like an 8-storey tall water slide, a slow-flowing river under lush tropical foliage and a Kiddy Park, you know there is fun for the entire family.

After spending a day under the tropical sun, families can always proceed to absorb Bali’s culture through various land tours available. Behold the scenic volcanoes of Bali or visit the surrounding villages or sit back and enjoy a local dance performance. For the family made up of foodies, indulge in fresh seafood at Jimbaran Beach with its alfresco restaurants right on the sandy beaches. LIA café, located on the airport side of Keraton Hotel seems to be rather popular with visitors. This café serves Balinese seafood, which is as local as you can get.

It would also appear that the Balinese have an affinity for children with several hotels and resorts catered for them. Such accommodations include Hotel Padma Bali, Balihai Resort and Bali Hilton. From large family rooms with toys to club activity programmes, parents need not worry about their children getting bored during their stay.

Infinite Combinations

The options mentioned above can be taken further, depending on what you are looking for. Instead of visiting the beaches of Bali, go for the ones in Malaysia. Instead of visiting the Whiteman Park in Australia, head down to the glorious sights of New Zealand.

What you need to know is that theme parks are just one of the many ways to entertain kids. Having good, wholesome experiences on the other hand requires interaction between family members instead of cartoon characters and rides on roller coasters. In addition, you can take as many family pictures as you want, without being charged for it!

So start exploring the other options of holiday destinations and surprise yourself with the results. It may just be the new favourite place on your list.