Cool websites: Know how to engage your tweens

If Second Life means reincarnation, you definitely belong to what your child would describe as the old world. The internet is our children’s lifestyle, they literally breathe, eat and live with it regardless of your opinion. Rather then battle with your child endlessly on the usage, join them, have fun and learn with/from them. Teen “Sponganalist” Lin Daokuan offers you a second chance to Second Life and more!

My family was one of the few who had very early access to computers. My dad had this old computer which started up with the screen comprising only green text. When my dad came home from work, he would sit in front of it and play his computer games. The rest of my family would crowd around him and watch in awe as he completed many different stages of the computer game. We would cheer when he completed a level and we even discussed on how to beat the king in the next level. That was one period of time when we children, and my parents bonded really well together.

Windows and the internet


Nowadays, it is the tweens that plant themselves in front of the computer whilst parents busy themselves with their computer-less tasks. More and more kids turn to the internet for entertainment and companionship. So have the computer and the internet become the bane of family bonds?

Computers and the internet can indeed play an important role in family time. You just have to find a means to connect with your kids via their now-favoured entertainment platform.

Some cool websites

Here are some interesting websites that you can try to interact together with your kids.


Connect with your kids by playing games with them. While many gaming websites may contain inappropriate content, Candystand is family-oriented. It is a gaming website developed by the candy empire, Wrigleys. Kids will find it easier to relate to the candy they love. Try the fun and challenging Mini Golf Classic. The aim of the game is to complete the 18 holes with as few strokes as possible. Beware of the sneaky slopes and the water elements. While you may be a professional golfer, here your kids may turn out to be better ‘golfers’ than you.


Orisinal is another gaming website known for its family-friendly content with over 50 games available of which Cranky Crabs is a popular choice. You play a boy roaming around a coconut-littered beach trying to hit as many crabs as you can with your trusty yo-yo in the given time frame while avoiding the rolling coconuts. Give it a try and challenge your kid to a high score.


Besides games, show your kids that you are a fun-loving parent as well. Tweens and teenagers are into platforms that allow them to socialize with friends and peers and be entertained. Ten years ago, there was ICQ and Internet Relay Chat (IRC). Today, they have communities like Habbo. Upon registration, you will get a character called an Avatar, and your own room. Use your own discretion and creative juices to design your Avatar, complete with an Afro, a Mohawk, or a Goatee style. Your given room is also another avenue to flex your creative muscles. Show your imaginative side to your kids. Surprise them by chatting them up with your funky character on Habbo.

Second Life

Millions of people around the world have registered to lead their second life in the virtual world. Chances are your tweens may already in it, Similar to Habbo, you are able to customize your Avatar and to socialize with others. You may even design items from scratch and trade your items for currency, known as Linden Dollars. In fact, these activities are so popular that Second Life even has its own economy, with Linden Dollars exchangeable for real US currency!

In today’s world, it is almost impossible to limit your tween’s exposure to computers and the internet. While being mindful of its potential dangers, consider also the tremendous potential benefits they can bring. I know some of my happiest times with my parents were in front of the computer. I am confident it can also bring the same to your kids.