Talking point

COMMUNICATION in a home with children can and should take fresh and fun ways.  By keeping the method interesting to them, we could promote a habit of talking and sharing on issues dear to our/their hearts, even as they grow older, and before a lack of communication becomes an issue. The following is a simple idea of creating a conversation or discussion hub, taking advantage of a natural family gathering point in the home.




  • Improve family communication


What you will need


  • Wall

  • Communication Board. Consider a white board, glass board or light metal board. If space permits, have a bigger board of up to 1.5 metre by 2 metre.

  • Non-permanent marker pens

  • Eraser for white and glass board

  • Magnets for metal board to hold up paper cuttings



Put up a white board at a prominent area where family members most often congregate eg the dining hall. Encourage family members to scribble freely on the board to express their feelings or views or just draw. Put up snippets of news, hearsay, current affairs, trends or your latest shopping achievement!  Most often, people, being curious creatures, would be drawn to the content and that becomes a superb opportunity to create a talking point.

Ours is a glass board, placed at the dining area. On most days, I would scribble the ‘hot’ news of the day/week onto the board. My children just penned their feelings or thoughts for the day – short and sweet. Recently, my sister (our regular visitor) inspired us with an abstract drawing on the glass board. Most times, the content caught the attention of the children, becoming talking points at the dining table. Each of my children has a glass board in their room and it has become their voice box. Sometimes you would get to see a good mind map of what they are thinking about.

So add more noise and colours during dinner time! As for the wall, it has now become more useful, creative and expressive! 




  • From $50 onwards to about $400 (for glass board 1.5 metre by 2 metre)

  • Your time with your family!