Freshen Up for the Year of the Ox

LOOKING at the old stuff with new eyes, that's the theme this time. It's easy to throw stuff away amid the spring cleaning frenzy. Out with the old, in with the new. But maybe, all that's needed is repurposing and relocating the things or furniture you have.
From the store room to the kitchen

I came across this knickknack I had dumped in the storeroom sometime back. Instead of displaying ornaments, it now holds my tea caddies and my kitchen cabinet! It's a great way to make use of vertical space, plus it looks real pretty too.

I've hung a notice board that I'd made on the door. It holds my pretty notecards from family and recipes that are waiting to be filed away. Make the space interesting by adding your favourite ornaments, and yes, even a little picture frame! I thought the bowl of faux flowers was just the finishing touch :)

Pretty up with leftover wrapping paper

Wondering what to do with leftover wrapping paper, especially ones that are "oh, so pretty!"? I've lined the inside of the cabinet here with a pretty pink toile wrapper that coincidentally sets off the pink teacups that were my grandma's. It makes me smile whenever I look at them as they remind me of tea times at her place. The paper was put in place with spray adhesive. It enables you to remove the paper easily in case you decide on another look.

Bookcase to linen cupboard

I've lined the bookcase with leftover wallpaper, and the shelf edges are trimmed with scraps of cotton trim. You can easily affix the trim with double sided tape.

 And the final touch...sachets of potpourri to keep your linen and pillows smelling heavenly!

So, happy spring cleaning, and have a Happy Lunar New Year!!