Happy Children's Day

I know the exams are just around the corner but surely 1 day is not going to make that big a difference. Yes? 463190 bears

Its Children’s Day tomorrow so what do you have planned? Movies? No assessments for the day? A treat at the kid’s favourite restaurant?

Did you know that Children’s Day was first suggested by the United Nations General Assembly back in 1954 as a day of worldwide fraternity and understanding between children and of activity promoting the welfare of the world’s children. That about 46 countries worldwide observes a Universal Children’s Day? Or that the only country to celebrate Children’s day on 1 October other than Singapore is Malaysia, El Salvador and Sri Lanka?

So surprise every child you see tomorrow with a gift! Be it sweet treats or colourful stickers or something creative from the $2 shop.

Me? I will be at East Coast Park tomorrow morning with my boys along with neighours and their kids for fun in the sun. It will be a decadent day of fast food and nothing but play, play and more play. So if you happen to be at East Coast Park tomorrow morning, do wave. I will be in a cheery pink top. (^____^)

Label tags

A BOOKMARK is a classic gift that we receive at least once in our lifetime. Interestingly in today’s context, we are literally rewarded with one each time we purchase an apparel or fashion item. Surprised? Take a closer look at the label tag when you next purchase your favourite brand.


·  Promote environmental friendliness through recycling

·  Generate out-of-the-box thinking and creativity

What you will need

·  Label tags from apparels, fashion products and accessories

·  Any craft-based items you can find in the home including coloured paper, glue, scissors, markers, etc



The next shopping trip when you load up with clothes and fashion items, don’t be in a hurry to junk the labels (photo left) that come along with your purchases. Some of these label tags are produced from relatively high quality artcard. For the more up-market products, you might even find metallic slings that hold the tags together.

Coming in different colours, shapes and sizes, these label tags are used by my family members
as bookmarks. With my kids, I get them to re-design the label tags in whatever forms they deem fit (photo below). Try it as a family activity the next time.







Another possible use

If you are short of a gift tag for the next birthday present, you could decorate it with a recycled label tag!




Age Applicable

All age groups

Fads and trends: 5 hot tips


As our tweens go through the phase where they are working on their identity, they are easily drawn to new and cutting-edge fads and trends.  Rather than being ignorant of what goes on around your child, be in the know of the latest in their world to convert such knowledge into teaching moments.

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