Download ebooks from National Library into your mobile phone!

YOU can soon download ebooks from the Singapore National Library (NLB) into your mobile phone.  The NLB is currently undergoing trials of a new Library In Your Pocket service. Besides ebook downloads, you can also use your phone to access general library services.

NLB chief executive officer Dr N Varaprasad says, "Our vision is to put a library into every Singaporean's pocket, for them to reach us and for us to serve them, wherever they are."

As a busy parent who may not have the time to visit a physical library, this is a reliable alternative to keep up with your reading by checking out a plethora of books for yourself and your child.

Kids are often glued to their computers and mobile phones for gaming. Take advantage of these familiar platforms to consider NLB ebook downloads to promote your child's reading habit and improve their literacy and thinking skills. Of course, if you have an ebook reader, that's another platform to use for NLB ebooks.

Also, while waiting for the NLB to launch their mobile phone download service, note that it's quite simple to load your mobile phone with ebooks downloaded via your own computer.

About a million ebooks at NLB

While the mobile phone service is in the trial phase, you can use your computer or ebook reader to access the over 800,000 ebooks at the NLB for your's and your child's reading pleasure without the need to leave your home.

Over 60,000 Chinese ebooks are found under its Apabi collection. The eBrary section has over 14,000 titles on the arts, humanities, social sciences, science, technology, management and economics. Both the Apabi and eBrary collections require a reading software to be downloaded/installed into your computer.

The NetLibrary collection provides access to the digitised versions of selected print titles. Currently, this collection has over 8,000 digitised titles.

With your NLB login, you can also access the World eBook Library, the world's largest digital archive of PDF eBooks and eDocuments. This collection hosts more than 500,000 titles in a wide variety of genres including adventure, biography, classics, religion, drama, poetry, science, non-fiction, pulp fiction, folklore, children's titles, Gothic tales, and science fiction.


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