Family fun ideas for June holidays

CHECK out these activities and programmes that you can engage in with your child and/or family this school holidays. Holiday tools to consider are the 3-in-1 Park Hopper that allows visits to the Jurong BirdPark, Night Safari and Singapore Zoo at discounted prices.

This holidays, let your child take the lead to plan the outing...this can be a hugely enjoyable learning experience helping them to pick up organisational skills - hence we have included such an activity which all would surely enjoy that could combine with favourite pastimes!

Science Centre Shell Astro Night

When: 29 May (Friday), 7-11pm
Where: Omni-theatre, Science Centre
Admission: Free
Remarks: Visitors get educational booklet on astronomy packed with information about the solar system, star charts, eclipses, upcoming sky events, and tips about using a telescope to observe the night sky. Younger children can look forward to a guided planetarium tour and interactive activities involving star gazing, baby rockets, the solar system and on making a simple telescope. For the older kids, telescopes will be set up for stargazing.

D'Kranji Farm Resort

KranjiFarmResortWhere: 10 Neo Tiew Lane 2
Off Kranji Road (at Kranji Road/Loop junction, left into Kranji Way and on to Neo Tiew Road). Check out how to get there.
Remarks: Experience the tranquility of countryside living in the rustic setting of D'Kranji Farm Resort, Singapore's first and only Agri-tainment farm, located in Lim Chu Kang. This relaxing farm stay retreat gives guests wanting to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life the chance to rest, relax and pamper themselves. 

Discover Singapore Travel Adventure by MRT

With the Circle line starting phase 1 operations on 28 May, plan a travel route with your family by MRT only using all the lines: North-South Line, East-West Line, North-East Line and Circle Line. Let your primary school child lead in the planning of the route and where to stop...with your guidance of course. This will help him to develop organisational skills among others, and have great fun at the same time!

 Jurong Bird Park: Educational Excitement at African Wetlands and Dinosaur Descendants exhibits

Among the many attractions, check out the following:

BirdPark_wetlandsThe first major attraction once you enter the Park turnstiles, the Wetlands exhibit comprises a refreshing setting of a body of water and three native-style pavilions outlined with tall palms and green ferns. It allows you to come near a variety of African birds as they go about their business in the open space.

Probably the closest to Africa you can get in this part of the world, the citizens of this exhibit include the Shoebill, African Crown Crane, Great White Pelican, Saddle-billed Storks, Blue Crane, White-faced Tree Duck, White-breasted Cormorant, and Crested Guinea Fowl.

The exhibit allows you the opportunity to experience a balanced eco-system display that aims to inspire an understanding of how birds and men co-exist.

The Dino Dig provides children an archaeological diggings adventure, and discover fossils and relics hidden through time amidst the sands.



BirdPark_dino2The exhibit, 4,579 square feet of simulated grasslands, aims to show the similarities and intriguing facts which link Ratites to dinosaurs. For your information, Ratites refer to flightless birds like the Ostrich, Cassowary, Greater Rheas and the Emu.

Singapore Zoo: Adventure at the Australian Outback

If you can't go to Australia this June, the Zoo has kindly brought the Outback experience to you!

Zoo_outbackAmong the many activities are daily (except Mondays) The Wild Aussies Show and the Aussie Sunday Brunch (starting 31 May, and every Sunday in June) at the Ah Meng Restaurant.

Witness how the Outback is buzzing with well-adapted wildlife such as kangaroos, wallabies, emu, bearded dragon and more.

Sentosa: Summerfest fun with sea and sand

Sentosa_palawan1For those beach lovers, get a load of fun with the sea and sand at Palawan Beach. Each week of June features a new and different thematic programme. As the programme states: "Frolic in bubble parties and challenge your friends at the super soaker shootout. Build wonderful sandcastles and go wild with rock climbing. Or simply express your artistic flair with the various activities and workshops."

Week 1 (from 30 May): "Splashing good times" with Woof Ball, Super Soaker Shootout, Bubble Zone, Foam Pool, Dunk-a-parent.
Week 2 (from 6 June): "Sandy good times" with Sand Sculpturing Interactive, Sand Art Corner, Sand Sculptures Display.
Sentosa_palawan2Week 3 (from 13 June): "Smarty good times" with Music Explorer, Green Detective, Giant Puzzle, Fun with Butterflies & Insects, Young Mappers Drama Adventure, Sport-stacking.
Week 4 (from 20 June): "Sporting good times" with Paddle Boat, Rock Climbing, Giant Pick-up Sticks.
27 & 28 June: "Smashing Finale" with Magic & Puppet Show, Palawan Boogie Finals, Carnival Stalls, Stage Performances.