Historic US presidential election's enduring message of hope

IN GREEK mythology, the flipping open of Pandora's Box released all the ills that plague the human condition. But the box also released one last item: Hope.hope_stone

Its job: To be the balm that would soothe the many stings that Man would undoubtedly experience from the ills that would rage rampant.

What drives us to work daily, to battle sometimes quietly, sometimes ferociously to bring home the bacon? If it was just for our personal selves, it would be a drive that cannot sustain itself.

For the onSponge parent, indeed all parents out there, the reason and motivation is clear and a no-brainer. It's the need to give our child a better life. To provide them all that exists in our power to allow him or her to be all they can be!

The onSponge mission is founded in this motivation.

Hawkers, shopkeepers, bus captains, educators, business executives, industry captains - all of us as parents, we are driven by the hope of a better life for our child.

Deep down we all acknowledge it's the raison d'etre of our existence. This is so even for those of us who are married and for some reason do not have kids of our own...we then perhaps look at our nephews and nieces.

We dream and hope of our child making it big, doing something they love and doing it well, doing their part in turn to make the world a better place, to beat back, so to speak, the ills released by Pandora!

obama_waveHope and the American family

On 4 November 2008, America as a nation realised this hope through a gruelling democratic election process, electing for the first time ever, a minority black American Senator Barack Obama as their 44th president. In a way, he is their child poised at the threshold of adulthood, into whom they have poured their hopes and dreams not just over the last two years of the election campaign but over the last 232 years of American history since its independence, providing him with the necessary support financially, morally, psychologically...just like we do with our own child.

In this sense, it's an opportune moment to impress on our child that our human rights should never ever be taken for granted. That there continues to be the conscious need to actively propagate tolerance and acceptance of each other regardless of race, language or religion. If you ever wonder what that can achieve, as Obama said in his victory speech, there's our answer!

The hope will grow stronger, now that the barrier of race has finally been lifted from the most powerful office in the world's most influential nation. Obama's message of hope beyond race or creed will inspire countless billions across the globe that nothing can stop you achieving your dreams if you put your mind to it, work with the opportunities your family and society provides you...and never stop hoping in turn.

Hope and internet power

There are other important lessons from the election campaign that we can learn from, one of which is the power of internet marketing. Obama has a powerful message of hope to get across to Americans, especially the disillusioned youth voter. To reach out to them, the future of our nation everywhere, the internet becomes the perfect medium of the day, an understanding shared by onSponge.

Hope and the future

Now, as with all such stories of our lives, we await in hope to see how the new president can make his mark, to help revitalise and rejuvenate the American spirit battered by an economic near-meltdown not seen since the 1930s (The Great Depression Years). In so doing, to give a new and inspiring leadership not just to his American family but also to a world in dire economic straits, to help make a better world for our children.

The American Dream is alive and well, as echoed and acknowledged by the numerous accolades of goodwill from nations around the world, wishing the new president-elect well and willing him the strength he needs to tackle the enormous tasks ahead.

onSponge salute to hope

We at onSponge dedicate this commentary to a hope of better things to come under the leadership of President Obama (who officially takes office on 20 January 2009).

But more than that, onSponge salutes parents everywhere who, like this inspiring American family, are doing the same for their children in the hope of a better future for us all.