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To appreciate the far-reaching effect of some of the community programmes Yong-en Care Centre undertakes, here are a few poignant stories of beneficiaries:


Mr Yap

I am a registered member of Yong-en, and my day passes easily when I come here. Coming here gives me a sense of meaning and purpose.”

Every weekday morning (Monday through Friday), a 91 year-old elderly man holds a newspaper he had just bought with his allowance and patiently waits for a van to pick him up from his home to Yong-en Care Centre. The elderly Mr Yap is a veteran Yong-en Dementia Day Care client since 2003.

When Mr Yap first came to Yong-en, he was agitated and restless. He often wandered all over Yong-en’s facility. But as he became familiar with the staff and the therapeutic programme, he gradually settled down and now looks forward to coming to Yong-en each morning.

Now every Friday, he would tell a colleague: “Today is Friday, so I have to wait two more days before I can come again." 


Madam Ah Hoe

I’m happy to be able to do work and be in charge of my life again. I like to come to Yong-en. People here are friendly and helpful.” 

When Mdm Ah Hoe first came to Yong-en’s Preventive Health Care Programme in 2002, she had just suffered a stroke. It was almost unthinkable to her then not being able to do the common household chores like hanging up clothes. She had to rely on her husband to care for her and perform the household chores.

When she started to participate in the Preventive Health Care Programme, our Therapist Aide coached her through exercises and gradually she began to improve in her functionalities. She is now well enough to independently come to Yong-en every day to participate in the elderly programmes, and goes about doing all the activities she enjoys.


Teen "J"

J was considered the most notorious student in his primary school. As a boy modelling aggressive behaviour, he often got into fights, and consequently his academic life suffered. Many students were upset with him and even teachers were not keen to have him in their classes.

J was recommended to attend the Resilience Club for at-risk students, a service provided by Yong-en at his school which entailed seeing a Yong-en counsellor. That was when we found out that J’s father was suffering from depression, and his dad’s violent behaviour was greatly affecting the whole family. J dreaded his father’s violence, and deep down longed for his love and affection. J also loved his mother very much and felt hurt to see her suffer.

After a year-long series of counselling sessions and attendance at the Resilience Club, his behaviour in school improved. This had a positive effect on his subsequent academic performance, to the point of being among the top achievers in his class. Later on, J successfully graduated from the school and moved on to a secondary school.


Family Life Programmes

Yong-en also provides parenting workshops to schools and corporations on pertinent topics and issues. The following are some participants’ feedback:


Social work & referral

Your help has been like a friend giving me coal on a winter’s day.” - Mr S in thanking Yong-en for its encouragement and material assistance.

One day Mr S walked into the office with a big smile and the first thing he said was “Praise God! I found a job!”

Just weeks ago, he had come to Yong-en Care Centre an angry and demanding man. His wife had left and taken away all his money. He also had a work accident and was unable to keep his job. A Yong-en social worker attended to him and offered him friendship and encouragement. He also received food rations and a transport allowance to tide over the difficult period. His attitude gradually turned positive and he managed to face his circumstances squarely. Through referral, he was willing to take up a 14-hour job to slaughter chickens.


How can you help?

Yong-en Care Centre has kindly provided the following table that lists some of the costs in carrying out its programmes and services for the community of our less fortunate.



If you would like to volunteer, these are the areas Yong-en needs help with:



For further enquiries, please contact Yong-en Community Relations at the following:

Tel:  +6563090583