Year of the Tiger: Legend and reality

tiger(1).gifACCORDING to a Chinese legend, the Tiger is associated with the role of taking on the strong to protect the weak. Famous "Tigers" include key Chinese historical leader Sun Yat-sen (a basis for the December 2009 movie release, "Bodyguards and Assassins"), legendary world traveller Marco Polo, famous wartime American president Dwight D Eisenhower and celebrated actress Marilyn Monroe.

Other "Tigers" that you may recognise: Queen Elizabeth II; composer Beethoven; musicians Enya, Stevie Wonder, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, Paul Abdul; actors Leonardo DiCaprio, Michelle Yeoh, Jodie Foster, Sir Alec Guiness; major American poet Emily Dickinson; writers Judy Blume, Emily Bronte, Beatrix Potter.

But we are puzzled: Isn't the Lion a more appropriate occupant of the Chinese Zodiac? So, how indeed did the Tiger get on the Zodiac?


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Share a kindness - get a copy of the Yong-en 2010 calendar today!

YeCC_thumb1.jpgGET a copy of the inspirational Yong-en 2010 table calendar today! The proceeds of the calendar sale will go to support the community services of Yong-en Care Centre in Chinatown and beyond. This is an excellent opportunity to engage our social conscience and promote a worthwhile cause to our children. For just S$10, share a kindness and make a difference to the life of someone less fortunate. For every order of 10 copies, get one free! Print out the attached order form and fax the completed order to Yong-en Care Centre or email to the given address.

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Exploring fun ideas for December holidays!

DecHol_thumb.jpgIF you are staying put in Singapore this year-end holidays, it need not be a boring stay-at-home diet of TV and/or computer games. Get out there to feed your explorer senses! Explore this Little Red Dot that is our home and its many attractions like the Science Centre, Jurong Birdpark, the Singapore Night Safari, Singapore Zoo, D'Kranji Farm Resort, etc that you don't normally visit or pass by! Be surprised and marvel at the continually changing landscape that is the Singapore Experience!

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Family fun ideas for June holidays


WITH the school holidays here, and if you are planning to spend it at our island home, onSponge has done a little digging to help you to plan a memorable time with your family. Parents might also be interested to get the 3-in-1 Park Hopper that allows visits to the Jurong BirdPark, Night Safari and Singapore Zoo at discounted prices. Besides the planned activities at major attractions, letting your child plan the outing themselves can be an educational/learning experience...hence we have included such an activity which all would surely enjoy that could combine with favourite pastimes!

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Download ebooks from National Library into your mobile phone!

MOBILE phone screens are getting bigger. In addition to the availability of ever cheaper wireless data plans, most kids see these as great pluses to their enjoyment of phone gaming. But such mobile phones also form an excellent platform to promote the reading habit. Taking advantage of such technical developments, the Singapore National Library is trialling a new Library In Your Pocket service for mobile phone users.

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