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TOPIC: P2 English Grammar

Re:P2 English Grammar 7 years 11 months ago #31

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  • Chris Rogers is AWESOME! Solved all my questions:)
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There are 3 possibilities
1, 3 ,4

Why 1?
Yell? As there are many pupils, not just 1

Why not 2?
Yells? It is only used if like eg. " Mr Tan yells at whoever forgets to bring their homework"

Why 3?
It might be a third person thing. someone might have heard from someone, so "I heard Mr Tan yelled at someone just now", is ALSO correct. Because "I heard" might be a secondary person, not the primary person who genuinely heard it, as someone else might have heard it, and told others.

Why 4?
I heard Mr Tan yelling at someone just now, IS CORRECT too..

Anyway, have u got the answer?
This question sure is confusing...
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Re: P2 English Grammar 7 years 10 months ago #32

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the awnser is yell
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