Ode to mothers!

Last Friday we went to see "The Day the Earth Stood Still" at the request of my nephew and niece. It was at the end of an afternoon's outing with them and when my wife joined us after work, her movie suggestion was taken up very enthusiastically by the 7-year-old and 12-year-old :)

Without spoiling (hopefully not much!) of the movie for those who have yet to see it, what struck me was the movie premise for the averting of imminent disaster for the survival of humans as a species. "Yes, there's another side to you" says Klaatu the alien as he witnessed an emotional scene between mother and child. And upon that observation that humans can show selfless love, humans were saved!

The continued health and wellbeing of the species was thus contingent on the love of mother and child! (hence the classification of this blog under health & wellbeing!). 

It brings home to mind that very often this power of the love of mother for child (taking just the mother's angle) can often be underestimated when it is in fact critical for the health and wellbeing of a family, hopefully ably supported by an appreciative father.

In conclusion, I wish to convey my whole hearted appreciation of all mothers (and their assistants!) during this school break.