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The +hinkingMath Handy Guide - Misconceptions Clarified (New!)


Solution / Answer Booklet

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  • Synopsis:

    Misconception due to misinterpretation or an inability to understand context often occurs and gives rise to errors when solving mathematical word problems, short-answer and even multiple-choice questions.

    This can be frustrating when you thought that your child has fully grasped all mathematical concepts and worked tirelessly through all materials to reinforce understanding and yet he could not get the questions right. Why is this so? And what can you do about it?

    This +hinkingMath Handy Guide, developed by the onSponge team, addresses the 10 most common misconceptions about word problems. Presented in an easy-to-understand format, it explains how each misconception arises and how students can avoid it. This guide aims at reinforcing the areas of improvement — with a study of the reasons and practice questions, it will help eliminate errors due to misconceptions and bring your child closer to that A/A*.

    Solutions are available for download online at