thinkingMath™ is an enhanced learning resource (print, electronic and interactive learning) for Primary 3 to 6. Featuring a topical approach to complement schools’ textbooks and workbooks on solving word problems, it is designed by along with interactive learning components including elaboration of the concepts, cross references, alternative solutions (where available) to word problems, and Q&A via the online Forum.

thinkingMath books thinkingMath™ bridges the gap between limited classroom learning time and unproductive drilling with assessment books. It addresses the practical needs of teachers and students by incorporating both thinking and procedural learning - core aspects of problem sum solving. This learning with thinking walks pupils through the process: understand the problem context first before looking at alternative representations/relations based on problem statements. Tested and proven on different ability learners in a top school over three years, this thinkingMath™ approach resulted in improved PSLE distinction rates from 59% to 79.4%.


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Our workshops are structured to cater to different needs be it for parents, children or educators. You can be alerted on these via the email address you provide at registration or simply drop us an email at should you require customised programmes.


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Contact other parents and the resource developers.  Registered users can participate in our  thinkingMath™ forum to discuss and have greater understanding about teaching problem sums solving. Join us to share your experiences and post queries to the developers.


box tutorsNeed a tutor to help with your child's coaching needs?  Tuition@onSponge, our exclusive tutor-matching service presents only experienced tutors with proven track records. Specifically for Maths, our tutors must be familiar with and able to coach based on the problem-solving concepts covered in  thinkingMath™ . Qualified through strict selection criteria, it is no surprise that there are only a handful of tutors with Tuition@onSponge which explains why they are not published on our site. All tutor requests are to be emailed to us at for detailed discussion.