Ammiel Wan
M.Ed, B.Bus, PGDE, Ad.Dip (Math)

After the successful completion of his Masters in Education under the MOE scholarship scheme, Mr Ammiel Wan is presently the Dean of Curriculum as well as HOD of Mathematics with one of the top-performing schools in Singapore. His passion and belief that every child can excel in Mathematics led him to create an alternative approach to problem solving six years ago. The emphasis in his approach goes beyond procedural knowledge, and is intended to help pupils develop their conceptual knowledge to solve mathematical problems more effectively. Tested and proven on different ability learners ranging from the gifted to the below average, his  approach  also increased the school PSLE distinction rate from an average of 58% to close to 80% within a short period  of three years, making it one of the top three schools in Singapore in terms of PSLE performance. His first book sold more than 12,000 copies in just two years and is used by many primary schools in Singapore. He has also presented at various educational conferences and trained many teachers in workshops. In 2006, he was awarded the “Fellow of Teacher’s Network” by the Director-General of Education. Today, he is more involved in training the HODs as well as their teachers in various schools, helping them to implement the curriculum changes.

Stewart Teng
B(Accountancy), PGDE, Dip(Departmental Management)

As a Vice Principal (Designate) and a very experienced HOD, Mr Stewart Teng is no stranger to the educational community. Specialising in teaching Mathematics, he is able to use simple language, easy-to-understand explanations and funny yet meaningful illustrations to enhance his pupils’ learning. With his kind, caring yet firm leadership and teaching style, he is well respected by his colleagues and the parents he has worked with. For his dedication to his pupils’ character development and motivating his pupils to excel in their studies and beyond, he was conferred the “Outstanding Youth In Education Award” by National Youth Council and Ministry of Education in 2004.

Mdm Wong Siow Lai
B(Accountancy), PGDE

Mdm Wong Siow Lai has been specialising in the teaching of Mathematics to primary students for ten years. With distinctions in Mathematics throughout her academic years, she aspires to pass on her love and passion for Mathematics to her pupils. She has many years of experience as a Level Head in Pupil Welfare and has attained an advanced diploma in Counselling. With the skills gained, she is able to tap into her innate understanding of her pupils’ learning strengths and difficulties, to tailor her teaching to each and every child’s individual need. Her patience, warmth and dedication to her classes have also encouraged her pupils to gain confidence in themselves and to excel in Mathematics.

Mdm Sim Mui Hoong

Lee Mui Hoong a.k.a. Mrs Sim by her pupils, has more than 20 years of teaching experience. Schools she had taught include Pei Chun Public School, Nan Yang Primary School and Catholic High School. With experiences in both the mainstream as well as the gifted programmes, she is a firm believer that the right processes and attitudes are must-haves for any child to succeed in his/her learning journey.

Miss Corine Quek
M.Sc, Dip(Ed)

With more than 10 years of teaching experience in schools, Miss Corine Quek went on to do a Masters in Science, majoring in counselling. While recognising academic excellence is important, it should also go hand in hand with pupils’ different learning styles. Her ability in making concepts understood to her pupils comes from her effectiveness both as an educator as well as a counsellor.

Chris Rogers

Mr Rogers brings his extensive experience in electronic media and information technology to the ThinkingMath@onSponge programme where he combines his experience in teaching, mathematics and information technology. He began his career in Canada, where he spent his early years providing private mathematics and computer science lessons to primary and secondary school students. Later, he provided professional training to large corporations in Australia on best work practices and computer programming. Mr Rogers held several senior management positions in leading local and global multinational corporations including IBM,, SPH Mediaworks and Yellow Pages. Beyond the academics,
Mr Rogers has been teaching youth in various activities for more than 25 years with the vast majority based around sports including netball, football, and sailing.