About CompoRocks™
CompoRocks is an English writing programme designed to prepare students to score for their compositions. It does not overload students with endless lists of expressions or diagram sentences and plagiarising popular plots from model compositions. The curriculum is structured to engage students to think critically and hone skills as well as maturity in writing from different perspectives. Each lesson plan aims to teach students specific writing component skills which will progressively transform them into more confident and competent writers.                                       

Features of CompoRocks 
•    Step-by-step approach through individual writing to improve on skills and techniques.
•    Communicative and student centric to promote critical thinking (eg. Pair and group work, peer review).
•    Peer correction, reflection and editing strategies.
•    Positive and nurturing classroom environment with a variety of teaching aids utilised during lessons.
•    Active monitoring and guidance by teachers during writing practice.

Lesson Plan
•    Pre-writing exercises, group-based discussions, individual work practice to facilitate learning.
•    Role playing activities to help students express their ideas creatively in a logical and cohesive manner.
•    Model compositions to be utilised to guide students.
•    Students to craft out at least 2 drafts before writing out the final composition.

•    Pre-writing planning, content structuring and writing processes.
•    Use of the unique & proprietary methodology of CompoRocks to enhance students’ writing experience.      (P.A.F.E.C.T., T.E.A., The Ice Cube). 
•    A unique pedagogic method to help students self-discover their ability to write and overcome their fears of writing. (Using the Lead-In and Gallery Walk techniques)
•    Accurate use of literary devices.

A Life-long Investment in Your Child
Practice makes each technique taught in the programme permanent. Students will apply the techniques learnt at CompoRocks beyond the examinations but in their future writing endeavours as well. At primary level, writing appears to contribute 20% of the English paper. At secondary level, it is more than 50% of the English paper since all the humanity subjects require the ability to write well. At junior college, the General Paper demands more than writing well but with critical thinking and content management. The underlying concept of CompoRocks is designed to stay relevant and applicable for a long long time.  

Writing begins at a young age. Writing well is a progress. Prepare your child while there is time. 


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