Holiday Workshops

Our workshops are held outside of regular school term time and are designed to provide students with intensive, focused training sessions that take full advantage of school holidays. A break in the school term gives students the time to close gaps in their learning and improve conceptual understanding. Our workshops equip students with Math problem-sum solving skills and can produce a marked difference in both attitude and confidence.

Workshops are held at Oodles Learning centres, conveniently located throughout Singapore. Workshops range from 90 minutes to more extended five-day intensive sessions, depending on the subject matter and level of preparation required.

onSponge workshops are intensive Math training sessions for primary-level students held during school holidays

Workshops are the perfect opportunity for students to enhance problem-solving skills and address any gaps in knowledge

onSponge workshops can last from 90 minutes to more extended multi-day sessions and are held islandwide at 11 Oodles Learning centres

Types of Workshops

Each workshop has a specific, focused topic area designed to prepare students for the next step in their education. We also run regular workshops on core topics and techniques such as model drawing, spatial visualisation, fractions and percentages. Our workshops are usually limited to one or two adjacent school years to ensure the content is focused on their specific stage of development.

We frequently hold specific exam-focused workshops in the run-up to exam time so that we can ensure that our students know the techniques and working methods that will help them score the working points required for an A/A* grade.

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P3 to P5 Rocket Series Workshop

This school holiday is the best time to ignite your child’s interest in mathematics, boost their skills and help accelerate their learning ahead of the new term. The +hinkingMath Rocket Series of three workshops takes advantage of the breaks between school terms to give your child a head-start and develop knowledge and understanding in key areas.

The Rocket Series of workshops will help your child develop a deeper interest in mathematics, improve in confidence and succeed in upcoming exams.

Rocket Series: Ignite, Boost & Accelerate

The Ignite workshop takes place at the start of the academic year and dives straight into Term 1 topics. During the workshop, we introduce students to +hinkingMath strategies that will help to sharpen their problem-sum solving skills. The Boost workshop takes place during the first mid-term break and is designed to help students improve conceptual understanding and perform consistently. The Accelerate workshop takes place ahead of Term 3 and equips students with the know-how to solve questions that require higher-order thinking.


On reaching P6, a student’s studies have already covered almost everything they need to know to succeed in the PSLE. In the final window of opportunity before the national exam in September, the three Rs are needed: Recap, Review and Reinforcement. SPRINT2PSLE is a series of three workshops that are structured as intensive revision sessions. During the workshops, our experienced coaches will review the core mathematical concepts of the PSLE curriculum and explain the problem-sum solving must-dos that are needed to score the method marks required for an A or A*.

SPRINT2PSLE: Ready, Get Set, GO!

Each of the three modules – Ready, Get Set and Go – includes a pre- and post-module test that serves as a status check for your child and helps to highlight key areas to focus on for revision. Held right before the preliminary exams, Go is an intensive five-day workshop that is perfectly structured to help your child make the final sprint to PSLE exam success.

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