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Tuition Options

thumb tuitionA snapshot by George Campbell, a freelance writer from Birmingham, England, UK. on the various options opened to parents in search of tuition services for their children. George has been a teacher for four years.


Post-primary educational pathways – What are my best options?

thumb postpriThis article explores the various educational and academic choices, mainly the Integrated Programme (IP), the International Baccalaureate (IB) and Specialised Independent Schools (SIS) that are available to our students. Ultimately, of more importance, is the suitability of the programme based on our child’s strength and interest.


Why Students Write Poor Composition

Parents often lament that their children score poorly in composition examinations. Naturally, most of these parents are anxious to try to find out why their children are simply not scoring in their compositions despite the regular library trips or getting supplementary help through various writing workshops and tuition classes. There are several reasons which can account for the poor results suffered by these students.


A Letter to Parents (Part 1)

If our children had the maturity to speak to their parents as equals what insight might they reveal? In the language of the heart, what might be the ultimate conversation all parent-child pairs eventually speak?  In this 2 part essay, the author takes on the voice of the generic youth in contemporary Singapore.



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