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Why onSponge?


BEING A PARENT in this era is both exciting and challenging having to deal with Internet-age children whose knowledge and lifestyle-influencing ideas are acquired simply through the click of a button. This ease has allowed the growth of globally connected children whose knowledge domain is in a sense borderless, being exposed to multiple cultures without even leaving home.



CAREER OPPORTUNITIES for our children are no longer confined to the traditional space because of the ever-changing “new” economy and via ideas gleaned through interaction with their global network of friends. As a result, our children’s learning journey now exposes them to multi-disciplinary programmes that help to prepare them for interactivity across borders.

EDUCATORS are also responding to the increasingly fast-paced changes by embracing information technology in their profession, and wherever/whenever possible, adopting more holistic approaches to education including the incorporation of life skills programmes such as entrepreneurship and money management into the curriculum.

HOW CAN PARENTS respond to these important changes influencing their children’s lives?




onSponge believes that while there may be challenges for parents given the vast offerings and distractions in the world of new media, there lie even more opportunities to influence and mould the development of the child. The principles of guiding, nurturing and leading our children in the areas of family values, character building and social responsibility remain relevant in parenting regardless of time and space. At the same time, children’s new experiences via the world of the internet and new media should also serve to inspire and motivate parents to learn from them and further enrich their lifestyles. Noting that these influences of the internet media intensify in children’s formal learning years ie upon their entry into the educational mainstream, hence onSponge focuses on children from the age of 7 onwards. 


onSponge offers earnest parents and educators a platform to:


  • Be in the know of the latest developments in the market that will affect the children in one way or another;

  • Share experiences in, and offer views on matters relating to child development;

  • Leverage on proven programmes (both educational and lifestyle) that will enrich learning and development.


The team subscribes to the belief that a child’s development should encompass a range of aspects beyond the academic. Hence our focus on issues related to enhancing children’s character, their aesthetics, skills and health. These form the core pillars that underpin the content, products and services provided by and through onSponge.

JOIN US as a member to experience onSponge and meet people whose interactions with tweens will offer you yet another perspective to your parenting style. Better still, share your challenges with and achievements in your personal experiences with the children to help many other concerned parents whose journey might have just begun. Happy sponging with love!