About onSponge

Established in 2008, onSponge provides innovative Math training programmes for primary and secondary level children in Singapore – including the highly successful +hinkingMath programme. Its range of programmes are designed to complement the MOE curriculum, inspire students and maximise their potential in Mathematics.

Through its training programmes, printed workbooks and network of 11 certified Oodles Learning Centres, onSponge is uniquely placed as a specialist to give students the best possible grounding in Math and to ensure their future success in examinations.

All children have the potential to achieve in Math, and all have different needs and different learning paces
Every student can learn to solve problem sums confidently and enjoy Math
A child’s natural learning ability comes to the fore when they are happy, engaged and interested in the subject matter
To succeed in exams, children must learn to perform in exam conditions and fully understand the working methods required to attain full marks
When a student is positively engaged with the right guidance, encouragement and support, their potential will be unleashed and performance will naturally follow

Workbooks Adopted by More Than 100 Schools throughout Singapore

Since their inception, the +hinkingMath@onSponge workbooks have been adopted as supplementary material by more than 100 schools throughout Singapore, where over 100,000 students have benefited from onSponge teaching methods.

A range of onSponge workshops have been curated to help students prepare for their upcoming exams or to enhance their skills in word problem sums. Besides workshops for students, parents who wish to support their child’s progression may also attend onSponge parents’ sharing sessions. Attending parents can discover how we make solving math problems so simple and easy to understand for students and see first-hand how effective the onSponge teaching approach is. The onSponge math forum and Facebook page also serve as excellent avenues for parents to seek help and advice when encountering a challenging Math assignment.

Certified Tuition Partner - Oodles Learning

Oodles Learning is the only certified tuition partner where students can experience the onSponge +hinkingMath programme, which equips students with the skills to solve math problem sums. Every year, more than 80% of students enrolled achieve an A or A* grade for PSLE.

Off-Site Learning Platform (OLP)

In 2020, to facilitate learning from home, onSponge launched its Off-site Learning Platform (OLP). The platform delivers onSponge programmes to students in the comfort of their own homes and includes live interactive sessions with our team of experienced coaches. We are dedicated to supporting your child’s development, in school through our learning materials, at Oodles Learning Centres through our programmes and workshops, and now online using the latest video conferencing software.