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The onSponge Math programmes are designed to supplement primary and secondary level Mathematics in Singapore, giving students the best possible preparation for the next stage in their development.

The PopsicleMath programme gives Primary 1 students a comprehensive grounding in Mathematics, stimulating their natural curiosities through experiential learning.

Continuing their development in preparation for the PSLE, the +hinkingMath programme introduces conceptual thinking to Primary 2 to 6 students to equip them with the necessary skills to fully understand and solve problem sums.

The PaceUP Math programme rigorously prepares secondary students to reach their full potential to excel for the exams, readying them for the demands of junior college and tertiary education.


The PopsicleMath Programme is designed to allow learners to experience the relevance of Math through concrete experiences and experiments to ground a robust foundation.


+hinkingMath Programme is designed based on a defined pedagogy and curriculum structured along the MOE syllabus as well as the examination trends observed.


The PaceUP Programme is developed to help the Secondary School students to master Math knowledge and solving skills with more depth and breadth to prepare them for the critical thinking and exam-ready needed for tertiary learning.

PopsicleMath (Experiential Learning P1)

Experience is the best teacher: the most effective learning comes about from doing, reflecting and applying. This is the basis for the onSponge PopsicleMath programme for the seven-year-olds. We use proven and interesting learning experiences to nurture the curiosity of these young minds, to motivate them to explore, express and apply the skills they have learnt.

PopsicleMath is a powerful programme that goes beyond traditional Math schooling methods:

  • 50% of the curriculum is based on hands-on experiential-based learning
  • Children keep a learning log to record their discoveries and observations
  • “Math Bonds” encourage children to use their new skills at home with their parents

PopsicleMath teaches children mathematical problem solving by showing them how these skills apply to experiences or experiments in real life. Practical tasks include a wide range of experiences from Science, Arts, Language and Technology (SALT), which helps to broaden a child’s understanding of Math across the different disciplines. The programme also introduces conceptualisation and inference to give children a head-start on the higher-order thinking skills required for Primary 3 and beyond.

PopsicleMath uses the Experiential Learning Theory (ELT) — a four-stage cycle that includes concrete learning, reflective observation, abstract conceptualisation and active experimentation. Effective learning can be seen as children pass through each stage of the cycle: first experiencing practical tasks or experiments, then seeing how Math applies, understanding how it works, then finally using those skills in daily life.

As an example, the task of buying and selling brings out simple addition and subtraction

If you would like to find out more about PopsicleMath, you can attend one of our free parents’ talks. If you’re ready to enrol your child, simply locate your nearest Oodles Learning Centre here or sign up online.

+hinkingMath (Primary Math P2-P6)

Widely adopted by schools and educators, +hinkingMath is onSponge’s flagship education programme. Specifically designed to complement the Singapore school syllabus, +hinkingMath programme aim to equip Primary 2 to 6 children with the right skills to work through math problem sums accurately for a stellar performance in the school exams.

Developed using onSponge’s proven workbook format which has been honed and refined for over 10 years and used by hundreds of thousands of students — the curriculum content used at Oodles Learning centres is structured to include a wide variety of topics and a range of question with varied difficulty levels. Numerous question types are also chosen based on trends observed in school exam papers. This unpublished content, coupled with the professional delivery of our coaches, helps to strengthen a child’s conceptual understanding, thinking processes and problem-solving skills.

+hinkingMath@onSponge uses a three-pronged approach known as ACEitTM to solving problem sums:

  • ACEit™ is a powerful technique of breaking-up the question into bite-size information through annotations
  • ACEit™ encourages students to translate the given information into the right approach by forming simple relationships
  • ACEit™ effectively allows students to form the right expressions using the given values to solve the questions

The programme is delivered exclusively at Oodles Learning Centres through face-to-face learning, a carefully designed and curated curriculum, workshops and online support.

If you would like to find out more about our +hinkingMath programme, you can get in touch with the centre nearest to you to attend one of our free parents’ talks or to enrol your child. Alternatively, you may also sign-up your interest online.

PaceUP (Secondary Math Sec 1 – Sec 4)

Students require a deeper level of understanding and a greater breadth of problem-solving skills to succeed in secondary math. Developing these attributes helps them to prepare for junior college and tertiary institutions — where good learning habits, critical thinking and exam-ready skills must be developed. The PaceUP programme is designed to equip students with the ability to confidently tackle exam questions and excel under the pressure of examinations.

Structured according to the MOE syllabus, the programme incorporates:

  • Essential drills to help students excel – grounding their conceptual understanding of the core components of each topic
  • Current and relevant exam-style questions to prepare students for a range of different question types and topics — helping them to perform in milestone exams
  • Different and appropriate methods for solving questions — along with the correct and accurate presentation of solutions to maximise exam scores

We introduce our Primary 6 students at Oodles Learning to PaceUP shortly after the PSLE to help prepare them for the extra demands of secondary math. Many appreciate the Secondary 1 preparation programmes as it helps them to embrace the step-up in approach, language and methodologies used at secondary level, prepping them for independent learning. These vital attributes are a core part of the PaceUP preparation programme, but they are often neglected at this key transitional stage.

The Pace UP programme will effectively train students to think more in-depth about different mathematical approaches, to question the logic behind an algorithm and consistently triumph over challenging exam-based questions.

If you would like to find out more about our PaceUP programme, you can get in touch with the centre nearest to you to attend one of our free parents’ talks or to enrol your child. Alternatively, you may also sign-up your interest online.

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