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Developed by qualified and leading educators in their field, Conquer Problem Sums is an enhanced learning series designed to complement schools text book and workbooks on solving word problems. Conquer Problem Sums incorporates both thinking and procedural learning to aid students to solving problem sums . The strategies and types of questions covered in the book will ground the foundation for higher primary Mathematics at P5 and P6 which have proven to be more challenging for most children due to lack of preparation at lower primary.

Based on latest MOE syllabus.

A printed solution/answer booklet comes with this product as a set.

Solutions/answers are available for download online at

Important Note for Users
The P4 math syllabus will be changed in 2016. As such, there are changes made to the 2015 edition of the P4 Conquer Problem Sums.

What has been removed from the 2015 edition

  • Chapter 3 (Perpendicular & Parallel Lines)
  • Chapter 6 (Symmetry)
  • Chapter 7 (Tessellation)

What has been added to the 2016 edition

  • Chapter 8 Review Questions (40 questions)

Publisher: onSponge Pte Ltd
ISBN Number: 978-981-08-2052-7

This book is based on MOE’s older syllabus. The updated book based on MOE’s 2021 Math Syllabus will arrive in Q3 2024. Please email if you would like to be placed on the waiting list for the latest copy.